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Subject :-Epressing views about evils of poaching
 Dear sir,
I am a regular reader of your newspaper and want to express my views about evils of poaching prevailing in our society. Nowadays we see  poaching  is increasing day by day..There are many poachers out there  Many poach rhino’s, tigers, and many more animals that do not deserve the terrible things these people do to them. These individuals are just in it for the money or for the delicacy of the food, or other personal gain.Some people  just do it to obtain a trophy of that animal so he or she can show off to their friends. These individuals do not realize the harm they are causing to our ecosystem. If these people continue their poaching, animals such as wolves, whales, dolphins, and more will soon become extinct. When animals become extinct, there is a disruption in the food chain. The greed of these poachers blinds them from the harm they are doing to the population of these animals. This negligence can ruin an entire species if nothing is done.So, poaching should not be done as it brings animals to an endangered situation If we practice this , after some years , there will be no animals left.So please stop it!Hope you like my views .Please publish this in your newspaper to aware people about this.   Yours truly

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