Rizwan is d protagonist of this story.he is an educated unemployed youth, who earns his living doing odd jobs like selling cold drinks. he does not belong to a well-to-do family. he lost his father bout 2 yrs ago n he has to shoulder d family responsibilities alone. his mother is ill n his 2 younger brothers HV dropped out of schl due to lack of finances. rizwan has found a job as a journalist in kihaan newspaper through an acquaintance. however, he would b considered suitable for d post only on the basis of d articles he contributes. he has been asked to submit interviews of 5 ppl with their names n addresses. we notice that he doesn't have a fair idea of the type of job he is supposed to do. the ques which form a part of his interview with kasim show that he is not acquainted with that job. his way of questioning is casual n doesn't ask specific ques concerning d life of a poor man.
although he is educated he doesn't seem to b polite n well mannered. he suddenly stops kasim n starts with ques instead of exchanging greetings. but however at d newspaper office he does greet people there. this shows he follows double standards. 
rizwans seems to know bout d history of his country for he refers to d shah n his reign. his talking bout the rich petroleum resources shows his knowledge of d country's economy. the newspaper that he works for has supported the revolution n upheld the ideologies of the new govt. rizwan is probably aware of this as he questions the man whether he knows bout d welfare policies of the govt.
rizwan is quite clever for when he has to submit the interview he completes it putting his own name n address.
although his day was not very successful, we see that he does not lose hope. he knows he has a long way to go , but he is confident that he will find some way out.