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The ethics of computer are:-
1.)the individuals have their own password.
2.)Exposure to formal codes of ethics.
3.)you can't use computer to steal personal information of user's.
4.) you can't copy a software for which u hv not paid.
5.)you can't use compuer to harm anyone.
6.)you can't interface ur computer with others computer work.
7.) you can't use it for bear false witness....

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Ethics is the philosophy which deals with code of moral values and set of Dos and Dots to be follwed by the professional respectively to there jobs . Where computer ethics which seals computing professionals should make decisions regarding professionally/ socially/lawfully conduct .According to the Computers association has categorized the ethical values are 1. One shouldn't state to harm 0r malpractice copyright software 2. The individual's own personal code by begin eathos and respect to others fellow computer users 3. Exposure to formal codes of others information without there concern like stealing resources/intellectual/bearing false identity/posting social sensitive information
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