Mitosis is the cell division in which two identical daughter cells are produced by the division of one parent  cell.
meiosis is teh is the kind of cell division that produces sex cells or gametes 
Mitosis is the type of cell division by which a single cell divides in such a way as to produce two genetically identical daughter cells.
This is the method by which the body produces new cells for both growth and repair of aging or damaged tissues throughout the body.

Meiosis, which is also referred to as reduction division, is the form of cell division in which a cell divides into four daughter cells each of which has half of the number of chromosomes of the original cell.
Meiosis occurs prior to the formation of sperm (in males) and ova (in females). That is - meiosis only occurs in the gametes.

The cells return to having the normal (called diploid) number of chromosomes after fertilization of the ova by the sperm.
Meiosis consists of two successive divisions, each of which is divided into four phases.
The first meiotic division is similar to mitosis 
(defined above) and the second meiotic division is the reduction stage.
Meiosis enables the exchange of genetic material between chromosomes.

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mieosis-2n->n if n is no.of chromosome
yup. here 2n means the diploid organism
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