1. Proper warm-up is essential before strenuous activity takes place. 2. Clothing and shoes should fit properly, be comfortable and allow maximum physical effort and allow dissipation of heat. 3. Perform only those skills and techniques as instructed and/or supervised by your coach. 4. Travel to and from off-campus facilities and practice/competition sites must be in accordance with school procedures. 5. Be aware of throwing basketball from other parts of the gym. 6. Be aware of your surroundings both home and away including but not limited to proximity of bleachers and courtside obstructions such as basket supports, lighting, access to and from courts, and court surfacing. 7. Be especially aware of the danger of illegal actions such as undercutting another player or grasping/hanging on the rim. 8. Players whose vision requires correction must wear shatterproof glasses or lenses. Glasses must be mounted in break resistant frames and must be held in place by an elastic strap. 9. Remove all jewelry and metal hair fasteners and other body adornments as required by rules and regulations for basketball. 10. Make sure you drink adequate water to prevent dehydration; ask you coach for consumption guidelines based on the day’s activity.11 immediately say to coach if you r injuried