soil pollution is caused by the presence of xenobiotic
Considering how soil is the reason we are able to sustain ourselves, the contamination of it has major consequences on our health. Crops and plants grown on polluted soil absorb much of the pollution and then pass these on to us. This could explain the sudden surge in small and terminal illnesses.
The ecological balance of any system gets affected due to the widespread contamination of the soil. Most plants are unable to adapt when the chemistry of the soil changes so radically in a short period of time. Fungi and bacteria found in the soil that bind it together begin to decline, which creates an additional problem of soil erosion.
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the affects of soil pollution are

1. if there is soil pollution In certain area and if we grow crops there it is very much poisonous and even dangerous if we eat them.

2.there would be much lose for humans and many micro organisms and other small insects also.

3.the main reason for soil pollution are usage of chemical fertilizers if there are profits first the soil if become much more unfertile than before because of soil pollution.

4. there would be much economic loses for many framers so we have to take care the soil pollution.
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