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Saturday                          17 October 2015                         10:30 pm

Today I was very sad by witnessing the humiliation done to my friend Uma because she had not done the homework. I saw her feel shameful, powerless. I was really sad for her and I couldn't do anything for her but just give her my sympathy. I knew it wasn't her fault as she was very busy looking after her sick mother from many days but the insult done to her was really sad. She was beaten ruthlessly and made kneel down outside the room. First time I saw pain and sorrow on that charming, bubbling face which was smiling even during the worst times. After that period she cried a lot. Through the whole day she cried and no one came to her to cheer her up, to make her feel better.I tried to make her understand but couldn't make her smile. She broke down into pieces when the other girls were teasing her due to the punishment. It was such a bad day for me and even for my best friend Uma. I first time thought that day How teachers can be so unkind, hostile towards children. I was very disappointed by the way the girls were behaving with her. How can people behave so disapprovingly with someone who is already so sad. Can't they try to make her they only know to make people cry. I pray god for giving her enough power to face all the challenges coming her way..I know she's a strong girl.
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