A small memory box in which the address of the constant is given.


It is used to give the formula to perform any mathematical calculation.


It is used to give the status of  any web page we are seeing.


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A cell is the element where one can enter one data item or a formula.  One can retrieve it or recompute the value in it as an entire single entity.  cell is the smallest data element in a spread sheet program.

Active cell is the cell in which the focus is currently on.. What ever the user types is entered in that.  To enter a value in any cell, it has to be selected first by the mouse pointer/button or by tab key on the key board.

Name bar:  displays the name (file name) of the current spreadsheet on the disk.

Formula bar:  it is the line where the formula being entered in to the active cell is displayed clearly.  It is easier to move the cursor and modify it if there is any error.

Column bar:

Row readings

Sheet tabs :
    In each file or document,   we can store multiple spread sheets (tables).  Each table is independent.  One can link one cell or more in one sheet with some cells in another sheet (another tab) in the same document file.  The way to select different sheet tabs is by clicking on them at the bottom of the display screen, ie., above the status line.

Status bar :
     It displays important messages to the user.  In case of warnings, or other.  It is the bottom line.  It has icons for quick selection.  It has a possibility to select the magnification required. 

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