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Diwali is the time of year when people all across the world celebrate the festival of light.We light little lamps called diyas. We do this to welcome the god Rama and wife Sita back from the forest where he was sent for 14 years by his horrible stepmother to stop him from becoming ruler.We eat special Indian sweets called burfi (yum!) and send Diwali greeting cards.As it's the festival of light we often have big firework displays, which are a lot of fun! The whole family gets together, eats a huge vegetarian meal then goes out for the fireworks. All the children get very excited, the women cook and the men sit and chat - typical! To celebrate, houses are decorated with candels and colorfyl lights and huge firework displays are held while families feast and share gifts. So, as usual this year also,I gonna clean my house ,wear new clothes.Also,I will send grettings to my friends.At night I will join my family in workship of lord ganesha ,lordess lakshmi and saraswati ji.Every year I used to burn crackers but this year I am gonna celebrate a safe diwali.I will just decorate my home and have some chat with friends.And at last,I will say thanks to god for whatever god has given me.

It is ur own answer. whay r u going to do on that day-where  u r going and etc.