Democracy is the form of government by the people of the people and to the people as people living in democratic nation choose their representative who in turn rule the country.
but actually the country in ruled by the politicians.their speeches, so called promises ,some sot of public welfare schemes and the dirty tricks played by the politicians force us to vote them.
also their are limited politicians and we all know they all are corrupt but when elections come we don't have any choice to , we have to choose one of the all corrupt politician as a leader.
so directly and indirectly politicians rule the nation not the people.
but whatever are the wrongs of these politicians they have to do some welfare of the people as if they are least interested in public welfare and just interested in their money they will not win in next elections.
so its just said that democracy is the form of government to the people of the people and by the people but the reality is country is ruled by politicians.
at last corruption is rinuing the land ,corrupt politicians are destroying the working man pocketing their profits and treating us like sheep and we are in habit to listen their promises which we know they will never keep
This statement was given by a great personality abhram lincon. the time when this statement was given and the time at present is much more different from each other. on that time different people were struggling for democracy but now people were fighting for the position. the first two thing is write that the democracy is by the people and of the people as we have the opportunity to choose are leader but do you think democracy is for the people. I agree that we have the rights which is our basic and fundamental rights but what about the other things we are suffering  from corruption, unemployment and many other devils of todays society and what the govement is doing. ya only giving promises so how far the statement can be true. we have the problem of poverty,education but do u think this problems came to an end
 no we are democratic from 1947 but do have something to resolve all these problems.
the statement at present is only true in theories. polticians are ruling on us and we are selecting them on the basis of their promises and those promises can never be came as true.