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Non-biodegradable waste is a type of waste that can not be broken down into its base compounds by micro-organisms, air, moisture or soil in a reasonable amount of time. Non-biodegradable waste is an environmental concern, as it threatens to overwhelm landfills and create disposal problems. Unlike biodegradable waste, such as food and other organic waste, non-biodegradable waste remains stable indefinitely. It includes items like rubber tires, Styrofoam, plastic, fiberglass and metals. Because non-biodegradable waste cannot be broken down, recycling is the best option for managing it. Many businesses and municipalities have special bins designated specifically for the disposal of non-biodegradable waste.These type of waste should not be thrown here and there as it creates pollution.there should be a different dustbin for these types of waste.          

Non-biodegradable waste are the waste which does not deccay.Non-biodegradable waste are harmful. Eg.plastic,toxic,containers,glass,cans,etc they are also harmful.These wastes cause a huge problem in the landfills.So the municipalities are making different colored bins so that the people can put different waste in different bins. In our environment.We can get rid of these waste by reusing and recycling.We can reuse them by making them into new objects .