trees are really important for the survival of humans. trees play an important role in our life. trees give us oxygen which is the most important that needed for the survival of humans. trees provide us food and shelter for many small creatures which is the best points of trees. trees are really essential and important creatures given by god to us. the only creature in the world is tree that never say no even if we cut it down. the tree give its whole for humans and it is a greet thing. the trees also help in falling of rain and because of this we have rains. if we cut down trees know then there would be no rain so we should not to deforestation.

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Trees play a vital role in our life. They give us life- saving oxygen. They bring rain. They provide us fruits, gum, flowers, shade , etc. They bring rain. They prevent global warming, soil erosion, etc. They present scenic beauty to Earth so that's why they r called green gold. But man is so brutal that he is cutting trees for wood to make furniture, etc. So to save them we should adopt afforestation instead of deforestation. Hope I helped u.. Pls..mark as the BRAINLIEST answer.