Apparatus: Thermos flask, Cork, Thermometer, liquid paraffin, glucose solution, yeast cells, bicarbonate solution.

1. Take 300ml of glucose solution in a thermos flask.
2. Remove the dissolved oxygen by boiling it and allow it to cool for sometime. 
3. Add some yeast cell into the glucose solution and close the mouth of the bottle by the two holed cork.
4. Cut the supply of oxygen to the solution by adding a paraffin layer on top of the solution through one of the holes.
5. Insert the thermometer through the other hole till its end reaches the solution.
6. Warm the solution to upto 37 degree celsius.
7. Now keep it undisturbed and note the temperature every two hours.

You can see the temperature rising from the thermometer.

1. Don't shake the bottle after heating to remove oxygen.
2. Slowly add the paraffin so that it forms a layer above the solution.
3. Make sure the tip of thermometer is inside the solution.

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