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                      Nutritious Food vs Junk Food

            Good eating habits and healthy nutritioun are one of the most trending topics lately. It's due to the fact that lately, we hear a lot about GMO, organic products, ecological farms and similar. This time, let's talk about the difference between junk food and nutritious food. 

            When we're talking about junk food, we basically mean processed food and so, nutritious food would be whole food. What's the difference? Processed products are in most cases full of sugar and fat. It means, that they have high caloric value but provide us with a very limited amount of nutrients. Our bodies need them to grow, develop and maintaint strengh. That is why, we cannot survive on eating candy bars all the time! Whole foods are totally diferent, they give us fiber, carbonhydrates and vitamins which are crucial for good development and health. That is also the reason why it's far from good to feed our children at McDonalds' and similar.  

            Both of these types of food are for people. I mean, of course, it is quite self-explanatory that your diet should contain mostly whole food, but then again, you need to eat processed food from time to time as well! The best time for that is when you need a boost of energy, like after a training, match or while hiking at the mountains. In those situations, it's advisable to eat something unhealthy and calory-abundant to build up your strengh back such as a chocolate bar or a burger. Remember however, that on a daily basis, you will never need that much callories and instead of burning them, your body will store them in fat. 

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