When we sit for a study we should sit in a silent room which helps more to focus on studies because when our mind listen a unknown voice it get diverts so try to ignore these thing.

second when you sit for study try to sit in a dark room where only a study lamp is there and no clock hanging on walls because study lamp helps you to focus on books and when you are in deep study you should avoid watching clock because it diverts our mind very much.

third when you sit for study try to study in night because in night there is less traffic in roads and no horns no shout of vehicles etc etc will didn't disturb you so it's better for you to study in night which makes great attention towards your studies/reading.
Choose a right place A quiet place with a suitable environment. Whether it is your room or a library, choose an atmosphere that is silent & free of distractions in order to concentrate. It should be away from the TV.
Sit in a chair at a table or desk while you study. Don't study in bed, except maybe reading on top of your covers, propped upright with a bright reading light behind you.
have everything you need for your study. Your pencils and pens, highlighters and books should be within your reach so that you are not distracted while studying. 
write down your study goals. For just today, what do you want (or need) to get accomplished? What should you do to be able to walk away feeling like you've done all you needed to do? These are your goals, and it will give you something to work toward during your study time. make sure that ur cell phone is switched off.
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