Difficult Puzzle! What is her house number?In a party a woman asks the host how old is her 3 children. She replies the product of their age is 36 and the sum is equal to her house number. The woman still asked for another hint and the host said that her younger two kids are twins.



The ages of the three childrens are 2,2and 9 and their product is 36 and sum is her house no. so the house no. is 2+2+9=13

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Since the product of the children is 36, all the ages are factors of 36.
Factors of 36 are: 2,3,4,6,9,12,18,36

Since there are twins, one number is repeated two times.
If 2 gets repeated, then ages will be 2,2,9 (possible)
If 3 gets repeated, then ages will be 3,3,4 (possible)
If 4 gets repeated, then ages will be 4,4, 36/16 (not possible since the twins are elder but it is given that younger are twins)

So two possible solutions are
2+2+9 = 13
3+3+4 = 10

The room number can be 13 or 10.

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