names of some organelles:

1) mitochondria: it is known as the power house of the cell since it supplies energy for any metabolic activities.

2) Golgi bodies: it does the work of transportation ,manufacturing and the formation of lysosomes

3) endoplasmic reticulum: it is of 2 types smooth and rough endoplasmic also provides site to ribosomes which synthesizes provides the cell with proteins and lipids which are the building blocks of plasma membrane.

4) lysosomes: it is known as the suicide bag of the cell since it digests it's known cell when it gets damaged it also leads to the garbage disposal system of the cell.

5) plastids: plastids are only found in a plant cell. plastids are of 2 types leucoplast and chloroplast 1 stores food in the form of oils ,starch and proteins while the other gives color .

6) vacuole: vacuole are known as the storage sacs of the cells .it is found more in quantity but the size is very small in animal cells but in plant cell it is present in small amount but the size is very big.  

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