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                                                                                                Polly colony,
                                                                                                rajesh nagar,
                                                                                                house no 162/163,
dear friend,
                   I am fine and hope the same from you. I am writing this letter to invite you to spend your winter vacation with me at my home.
                               I think you have completed your semester exams and your having now holidays so I hope that you have time to come here to Hyderabad. we both can enjoy this vacations like any thing. you please you with you family please come here. we both can visit all the places in Hyderabad . this place Hyderabad has may places to be seen. so please come over her. we both will rock this vacations
                           hope so you will write the reply and convey my regards to aunt and uncle

                                                                                         yours lovingly,

house no 123/124,
rolly street,
ram nagar

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