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• Most of the junk foods only give you empty calories which in turn make you overweight and obese. Overweight is one of the underlying reasons for many diseases.

• Junk foods do not contain any nutrients so you may feel lack of energy or tired. Deficiencies of iron, calcium, magnesium and selenium are very common in females who eat more junk foods.

• One can also have a craving for sweets if daily intake of junk foods is more in the diet which can lead to obesity and type 2 diabetes.

• Junk foods can also develop constipation as they are full of fats and contain no fiber. High amount of fat in the junk foods can also cause drowsiness.

• Consumption of excessive junk foods during pregnancy is hazardous to health. A lack of protein in the mother’s diet during pregnancy interferes with the proper kidney development in the fetus. This can cause high blood pressure and renal diseases as the babies reach adulthood. Some researches even show that if mother takes too much junk food during pregnancy then it can lead to behavioral problems in child. Recent studies suggest that a mother’s food habits during pregnancy have an impact on her child’s future food preferences.

• Eating a lot of fast foods can cause gas, bloating and elevated heart rate.

• Junk foods do not contain any nutrients so they can lead to the nutritional deficiencies like iron deficiency anaemia due to iron deficiency and, weak bones due to calcium deficiency.

• Excessive consumption of fast foods can weaken the immune system and the person can be more prone to the diseases.

• Fast foods can make you overweight which can lead to complications in pregnancy or difficulty in conceiving.

• Fast foods contain Trans fats which are the worst fats. Trans fats increases the LDL levels (Bad cholesterol) and decreases the HDL level (Good cholesterol).

So from the above points it is clear that junk foods can be dangerous for your overall health and if you are a mother then you should be even more conscious about their use as children will follow what you do. So maintain good dietary habits and educate your children about the benefits of healthy eating. Choose healthy foods to snack on and avoid junk foods as much as possible.