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I'll be honest - I'm not exactly sure what you mean here, but I assumed that it's about bullying and how it makes studying harder for the bullyee (person who is bullied). I will talk shortly about this problem then :)


Bullying is indeed a big problem for students from many countries. Young people, who cannot understand what it means to be ethical or simpy - how painful could social alienation be as well as how important it is for kids, who get bullied, to fit in the social group. Let me be very, very clear on this one: bullying is a torture and the it's worst kind of torture - mental torture. Let me give you an example. 

A girl, normal girl, like many other girls, decides to help out a friend, who is in the crosshair of a bully for a thing he didn't even do. It's not like the bully is going to listen to the poor guy, it's a bully after all, somebody who decides to hide their fear behind brutality. So, she stoods up, she was a cool kid before, but now, now she's as toxic as the bullied boy. Nobody talks to her, she's thrown out from a class chat, bully throws out her lunch on her head - it's bad. Why? Because she was strong, she stood up.

It's one of many stories from Japan actually. One of countries with the highest number of bullying cases. It's so common, that some of the instances of bullying has been already acknowledged as normal by everybody. In the US, people like to say: kids will be kids, what can you do?  But then again, is it really our excuse for disregarding the problem? Do we really want to teach our children that ignorance is bliss?

I don't.


I know I didn't write explicitly about problems with study but feel free to implement it. It should be a refference mainly after all :) 

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