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Rahul- Hey Sovan! Do you know that Roshan drives his brother's car to school and tuition. I just saw him driving today and he even doesn't have a driving licence. Really..I am very concerned for him.You would be knowing how risky the teenage driving.
Sovan- Yes, I know. Driving is banned for the underage. There is a certain age when we are able to make difference between right and wrong and he has not yet passed the age.He needs to be adult to have driving licence and he may get arrested for not following the traffic rules. It's dangerous. We need to be mature physically and mentally to do driving otherwise it can invite danger for us and our family and even for other people.
Rahul- Teenagers like him are prone to adventures and excitement. They do so to be famous among their friends and show off. But they don't realize how wrong they really are.
Sovan- I think that we should directly talk to his parents about not allowing him to drive in such a small age.We will also convince him about the risks involved in teenage driving and how he is putting his own life in danger.
Rahul- Yes, it's about friend's safety and life...Being his true friends we will try to make him understand and take him on the right path.
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