The logical mistake is in the words 'her husband' as it is not clear whether it is Mary's husband or her friend's husband who died. For example, if it were Mary's her friend may not have known. If it were her friend's husband it could be that he had been missing in the war and Mary had just found out that he had died and was telling her friend. To correct it you would need to say something like "Mary's husband had died in World War 1 as she told her friend in 1925." or "Mary's friend's husband died in World War 1 as Mary had the task of informing her in 1925 after it had been revealed to her. Also World War 1 was not called that until World War 2 happened although it ere a statement in modern times it would probably be acceptable to differentiate between the two wars. quatt47 · 1 month ago
The correct sentence is "Mary said 1925, told her friend that his husband died in world war 1"