Junkfood:hello!my name is junk food are you?
healthyfood:oh!hello nice to meet you
junkfood:hey!listen you can sit beside me,I'm very popular in the nearby school,everyone loves me
healthyfood:oh!that's not good,you are filled with impurities,oil and you do not even contain nutrients or proteins
junkfood:hey!I'm not here to listen to your boring lecture,the best thing is children love me but they do not love you
healthyfood:wait a minute!I am not here to give you boring lectures,I am here to think about the health of the kids.
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Junk food: hi myself junkfood
healthy food: hi myself healthy or rich protein
junk food : hwy! the way u talk to me it just means that u want to insult me.
healthy food: no I don't do
junk food : haaaaa! I forgot that u can't insult me cauz i am very popular 'oh sorry I hurt u 'I know u feel sad as u are not popular as I am .if u wanted to be popular as me .then u have to became like me.
healthy food : I don't want to became like u cauz one day everyone will have loss of their own body by eating you and one more thing ' I am very that I am not popular like u ; because I don't want anyone's body loss .
junk food :********hiuryifcv
healthy food : I hope all of u will understand not to eat junk food