Their are many things in human life technology is being rising up so the influnce of techinical gddgets are also being increase in human life
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     The technical gadgets have now made the life of a person much simpler and enjoyable.  Whenever one thinks of doing some thing, one immediately seeks a technical gadget that does that work.

    Technical gadgets have made one progress in life like never before.  They have made people achieve things that were not possible to even contemplate.  There is an increased awareness of innovation in people due to these gadgets.

   The gadgets have made people to change their traditional ways of entertainment, leisure hobbies etc.  The way of sharing feelings, greetings, learning, communication with colleagues and friends have changed.

   Probably the change is for good and the good that is done by the gadgets, triggers more changes in the way people use gadgets and bring in more gadgets.
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