Raheem met with an injury during playing games he observed bleeding from injured part after few minutes he was surprised to see the stop in bleeding coagulation of blood raheem realized about the significance of coagulation of blood in saving life support this and prove this by explaining the mechanism factors reqired for coagulation of blood.



Platelets of blood produce thrombin which is responsible for forming clot which stop bleeding.
dude qstn is explaining the mechanism factors reqired for coagulation of blood.
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this cloting of blood is known as coagulation of blood where blood platelets lay a key role in it
1.In this at first when the blood flows out they release a enzyme called Thrombokinase
2.This thromboknase acts on another substance called pro-thrombin and converts to aThrombin
3.Thrombin acts on Fibrinogen and converts it into insoluable Fibrin
4.Now the blood cells entangle in fibrin cells forming CLOT
5.These fibres attach to edges of wound and pull them together
6.this sttraw YELLOWISH coloured fluid portion after formation of clot is called SERUM
in this Vitamin K also plays a keyrole
Normally blood clots with in 3-6 min'
Some pupil have genetic disorders which takes long time in them to coagilate this is known as Haemophilia
Thalasemia is also 1 factor which is an inherited disorder for the late coagulation of BLOOD
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