today our life as you can see 
is just a bad economy 
we have to help and try to save 
the necessary things we crave 

electric power is a must 
power companies we can't trust 
solar power is the way 
to cut the bills and save the day 

natural gas can be a plus 
change your dryer, its no fuss 
save on water, shorter showers, 
curb the sprinklers on the flowers 

fluorescent bulbs can cost you more 
but saving power is whats in store 
going green is the way to go 
the choices you make will surely show 

this goes both ways, not just for us 
for corporate giants its a must 
just an accident, just a spill, a very messy plight 
could cost us all the things we love, everything in sight
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my teached made us write
then how could you write this much well ???
ohh okay
urs also nyc :)
thnx I wrote it on spot
Energy energy
we need you a lot,
you are useful,
and even your
helping us
a lot .

energy is
really important,
we need you a
lot because
your essential
for humans

hope so answer is useful

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