A bus is moving at a speed of 72 km/h. On applying brakes it

Comes to rest in 5 second. Find the acceleration and distance

covered by the bus?
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Its incorrect , the conversion of 72km/h into m/s is 20 m/s but yours is 259.2 m/s
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U=initial speed=72km/h=20 m/sec.
v=final speed  =0 km/h
time=t= 5 sec.

v-u=at= v-u/t=a
-20/5= -4 m/sec^2 = deacceleration

now using the eqn:-

S=ut+1/2 a t^{2}

S=20*5 +  \frac{1}{2} (-4) * 5*5

S=100 - 50 =50 m.

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