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20th October, 2015.

Dear friend,
                How are you? I am fine. I hope you are enjoying your holidays. I was feeling bored so, i thought i would write to you.
               I really do not know what to do this winter break. It is really cold outside
and right now i am wearing the sweater my granny knitted for me. Speaking of my granny, i really feel like meeting her. I guess i'll be spending my holidays at her place. Also I am planning to learn a few new skills like calligraphy. I am really missing school though, I mean, i am missing you and our friends not the SCHOOL.
               And, i will be busy helping my parents ,of course. Please call me when you can ok? Alright, seems like it's going to be a long winter break. See you later. Also, write me a letter about what you'll be doing , will you?Bye.

Your's lovingly,
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