acid rain

                         acid rains are the rains that are the rains they even rain with few chemicals like nitrogen, lead and all other kind of acids. these acids are released by industrial air wastes so these air wastes go and settle in the clouds and then they even rain with the water and cause much damage to humans and crops and even animals. these are very hard to predictable. they are making much pollution to us.

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Acid rains are the  combination of carbonic acid,sulphuric acid,and nitric acid with rain water.acid rains cause damage to buildings and to our skin.industrial waste contain sulpuric dioxide,nitrogen oxide,carbon dioxide.when they get mixed with moisture they change to acids.we should stop these type of gasses mix into the air. we should avoid the inndustries to give such bad gasses to air,water these leadds to global warming and it will give acid rains