Yes, games should be banned as they are very addictive and can cause harm to your eyes and also lack of concentration towards studies.
Violent video games can cause psychological problems.
Children get addicted and do not go out and play outdoors which leads to lack of communication.
It can also lead to serious health problems.

No, games should not be banned as they are a type of entertainment.
Yes, one should concentrate on studies but, it isn't wrong to take a break and play games for a while
Games means which game do you mean by video game.
It is true that playing video games for long time is very much harmful for us. It causes eye sight problem. but it is also true that it is also a source of entertainment . It is a source of entertainment for the person or child who is not able to play outside so we can not say that VIDEO GAME SHOULD BAN. because it fills happiness in any ones life.

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