Advantages;    1.plastics are very light.
                      2.they are easy to carry.
                      3.they do not react with chemicals.
                      4.they are attractive.
                      5.they are water resistant

disadvantages;1.plastics pollute environment.
                       2.plastic bags can suffocate
1.when plastics are burned,they produce toxic gases and smoke
2. most plastic wastes littering the roadsides cause disease causing microorganisms.
3. plastics dumped in water bodies pose a threat to aquatic life.
4. the toxic substances present in plastics which are dumped in water bodies can cause reproductive failure in aquatic organisms.
5. plastics prevent the rainwater from seeping into the ground.
6.dumping of plastics in the ground affects the plants growing in the area as they dont get enough water from the soil.

1. plastics are poor conductors of heat which makes them suitable for making handles of cooking vessels.
2. plastics are poor conductors of electricity .so they are used in electrical appliances
3. they are insoluble in water.
4. they do not corrode or rust.