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   Good eating habits are the disciplined habits for diet and food.

     After waking up and exercising a little, one could take a glass of milk with a good breakfast that consists of snacks that are less oily and more boiled.  One could take bread (fruity) with some butter and jam.  Having some fruit juice or eating fruits and nuts will be good too.

   Again after a few hours one could munch a biscuit (of wheat ) or eat a fruit.  At lunch time have a moderate lunch and not heavy lunch.  Eat some rice (not too much), some roti, with a little ghee or oil, baked vegetables, chutneys made of fresh vegetables, curd, and dal. 

   Eating less spicy food is better.  Not eating street side junk food is better.  We should not eat too oily food.  It is better to eat only at home, and food that is hygienic and healthy.  It is better to avoid fatty foods and fast foods like chips.  The soft drinks are not so good for health.  It is better to take mineral water or fruit juice instead.  Even sugarcane juice could be better.

   It is better to do some exercise after eating food and not sleep immediately after eating food. It is better to brush the mouth after having food.  One important caution is not to eat too many sweets and not to eat continuously without rest to the stomach.

   It is said that fasting now and then with some discipline is better.  It gives rest to the stomach and also helps cleaning the internal system a little.  Also it is better to drink around 2 liters of water every day.

   One may take about 500 ml of water in the morning after waking up and then do a little walking.  Most of the poisonous remains from food eaten during the previous day will all be washed out and gone.
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Hi there,
it is said that a person with a good character knows how to eat well .we as future assets should eat good nutritious food so that the in future the  world will get healthy  human resources .
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