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No more agony going around Offices,
     Digital India Offices in your Hands.
Feel  Rural India Backward ?
     Digital India turns it Around !
Rural India Backward No More !
    A new Digital Village will be Sure !!
Unemployed Unskilled Peasant Still ?
    Coming in Digital India Literacy for all.
Coming in Digital India Marvelous !
   Creating a Crore Jobs and No Less !!
Government Service at any day and time !
      With Digital India on Your Cell Phone !
Trust  Free Digital India Locker !
       Your Certificates Safe and Secure !
Hard Copies Hard to Carry and Store ?
     Get a Digital Locker Free and Secure !
Worry No More of Bandhs and Strikes,
     E-Services Reach You on Broad Bands !
Clean India,  Make In India !
   Digital India,  That's Modern India !

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