The George Campus at Saasveld is a firm favourite of students who study Nature Conservation because of its beautiful setting and natural surroundings: from the warm Indian Ocean through the evergreen indigenous forests to the fynbos clad mountains and karoo hinterland.The National Diploma in Nature Conservation is a three year diploma programme, specifically aimed at allowing people with a keen interest or passion for the outdoors and wildlife to obtain a qualification in this field.Nature Conservation is the wise management and utilisation of natural renewable resources in a sustainable manner to ensure the maintenance of biodiversity. There is an increasing awareness that the conservation of the world’s natural resources is vital for human survival; thus the growing interest in conservation as a career.The aim of our programme is to be a leader in conservation education and technology.Our aim is to be a major role-player in the growth and development of southern Africa, providing internationally recognised students for the conservation industry. What do Nature Conservators do?Our students are equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary for a career in nature conservation and related fields. The main emphasis of the conservator is to manage biodiversity in natural ecosystems by integrating human and economic resources.