An election is a contest between different candidates from various parties out of which the voters elect one as their representative. There may also be independent candidates taking part in the election. There are following stages in the electoral process (procedure):(a) Delimitation of constituencies:First of all the entire area-the whole country in the case of Lok Sabha elections and of that particular State in the case of Legislative Assembly elections-is divided into as many constituencies as there are seats.(b) Preparation of voters' list:After the demarcation of constituency, the voters' list of each constituency is prepared and published.(c) Filing of nomination papers:The dates of election, filing of nomination papers and withdrawals are fixed by the Election Commission. Any person, who wants to fight the election, can file his nomination papers by the due date. His name must be there in the voters' list and he should be eligible to fight election. His name should be proposed and seconded by the voters of that Constituency. Every candidate has to deposit some security along with his nomination papers.