What can i say about my school bag?
I carry it to school every single day. without it, i would probably be standing outside the class as a punishment. my school bag has everything required for school. pens, pencils, books, you name it, my bag's got it all. i feel as if my school bag is my friend. someday, i am going to give it a bag is pink and black in color. it is sturdy and i am sure it can carry heavy weights. i am using it since 1 year. and i really like it.
my school bag :
1. in my school bag I carry many things.
2. my school bag I filled with many books
3. this make my school bag heavy
4. I keep all my pencil and all required things in my school bag
5. we all love to keep al the our things and go to school with all kind of stuff
6. school bags are mostly big because of our book content in it
7. my school bag contains many paper in it which I use when in need

hope so my answer is useful