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So for a Debate on "Preventive Vigilance as a Necessity for Equitable Growth", we will have to consider two sides!
One favouring the motion and other being indifferent or rejecting it!  
So Suresh will be favouring it and Ramesh rejecting it! So a debate between Suresh & Ramesh could go on like this!

Suresh: It is quite evident that preventive vigilance would help to reduce the instances of corruption by checking things before they actually happen. If we can reduce corruption, it will be quite beneficial for our country, as a lot of money that can be utilised for the good of the country is usurped by corrupted people (politicians and bureaucrats included)  So if corruption is in check, the hard earned fruits of labor of people of our country could be utilised well and that will help in growth that will be more inclusive.

My dear friend,You have a brilliant argument that Preventive vigilance would help to curb corruption better and that would lead to equitable growth. But you are forgetting very important thing that in countries like Scandinavia and Iceland where there is almost corruption, Govts. are trying hard to maintain equitable growth. The real problem lies not in Corruption but the system of growth we have! It has been clearly known from years of experience that system like capitalist system doesn't bring inclusive growth! For that to happen people should  be part of system that incentivises caring for community and each other!!

That is a very good point Ramesh! I agree with you, when incentives for the community is right, there will be more chances of equitable growth! But pay attention to how can we create those incentives that would contribute to growth of community as a whole? When everyone is accountable to each other, wouldn't they be more interdependent and grow together! So think if there is a system of preventive vigilance in place it would help in well flourishing of community! What do you think Ramesh?

You are absolutely correct but this doesn't drive home the point that Preventive vigilance is the essential condition for Equitable growth. It does can help to create some positive environment but without it we still can achieve equitable growth.Give it a thought that if people are naturally caring towards each other and working to make community better , the motivations for corruption itself goes down, Because corruption is mostly driven by Self Interest nature and here in the new system the main interest is the betterment of community. SO corruption itself would not arise!

But we have to start from somewhere na! The system that you are talking about is seeming more an utopian world! Why not start from making people accountable to each other, this may lead to less corruption and more interdependence and also it would lead to establishment of a community in which people would be caring towards each other!

Ok dear friend, I definitely agree with you but the scope of Equitable Growth is much wider than that of Preventive Vigilance. It would definitely help but it is not the panacea  for it!! 

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