Aleem Khan: A relentless fighter against dowry. Despite the fact that Islam strongly prohibits dowry, this tradition is growing fast among Muslims. Indeed, there is an urgent need to wake up the community against dowry which causes destruction of several lives and families. Mohammed Aleemullah Khan alias Aleem Khan Falaki who has been trying in his capacity to erase the dirty tradition of dowry from the society says: “dowry is the root of all evils in the society.” Born in Hyderabad, India in 1956, Aleem Khan runs his business in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. He started his mission against dowry with creating awareness among the Muslims from India, Pakistan and Bangladesh living in Saudi Arabia by holding functions and seminars. He also wrote several books and booklets in Urdu, Hindi and English on dowry and its bad effect on the society. Every time he visits India, he adopts a region to campaign against the dowry. Recently, he was in India and campaigned in Kolkata and other parts of West Bengal against the dowry. TCN interviewed with him on his life and anti-dowry struggle. Hope this helps...☺
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