Indian society is an unique example of the concept 'Unity in diversity' ancient India was never united politically and socially. On religion, language, culture, food habits, dress the India society has a diverse character, Yet there exists a strong thread of unity as Indian. From the ancient time - many external power invaded various parts of India, they ruled but their culture absorbed in one Indian culture. Kushans from china invaded the western part of India some 2000 yrs ago Kushan king Kanishka is still considered as one of the best king in ancient India great scholar like Arya bhatta, Nagarjuna are still remembered for their contribution in our science and culture. From Kashmir to Kanyakumari, from Bay of Bengal to Arabian sea the Indian society is tied up with One Indian culture, but this 'one Indian culture' consists of diverse language, religion, food habits, festivals, clothings, and social behavior. Yet we are not Tamilian, Punjabi or Bengali - we are Indian. This is the 'unity in diversity'. In ourdailyy life we always witness this. In the office we work , there may be my Tamilian or Keralian co-worker whose language and religion may be different but that difference can not pose a bar in over all unity as the fundamental character of Indian society is 'Unity in diversity'
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