Carrot and Radish (Together):Hey! I've seen you somewhere....!! Oh, I know! 
(Along with Radish) Carrot : You are me, Carrot!
(Along with Carrot) Radish : Your are me, Radish!
Carrot : But wait! You can't be snow like white... you need to be sun like orange.
Radish : No, No. I must be snow like white, but you shouldn't be sun like orange.
Carrot : No...Oh..!!Wait..!!You must be Radish.
Radish : Oh, of course I am! But then you are..Carrot!!
Carrot : That's true! I am Carrot! Nice to meet you!
Radish : Nice to meet you too!! I am Radish!
(Shake hands)
Radish : So, How are you doing?
Carrot : Well, I am doing good. Thank you! What about you?
Radish : Um..Me? I am doing sort of...good. 'Cause you see...people don't really seem to like me, because they think I don't taste so well. Only those people who really know my nutritional value prefer to eat me. And KIDS! Oh My God! They don't even taste me, and prior to that, they start screaming that I am BITTER! or I am SPICY!
Carrot means you are quite...sad?
Radish : mm..hmm..You got me right, I am SAD!
Carrot : Oh, well then don't be. Because your taste is not all you have, your nutritional value matters more.
Radish : I guess you are right! But who will tell this to them?
Carrot : Don't worry! They will understand it themselves. And by the way there may not be another chance for me to talk to you like this because they (people) are going to make a salad out of me. And I've heard that you are going to be a part of that salad I was wondering if you would like to go around the kitchen with me. We may become the best buddies of the kitchen till then.
Radish : Ya, Sure! Why Not?! Let's Go!! And yes... Thank you so much for making me feel light. I am actually feeling better. THANK YOU!!
Carrot : Oh! Anytime!
(While walking around the kitchen)
Radish : I've heard that you are good for eyes. Is that true?
Carrot : mm..hmm..That is true! I have got lots and lots of pro-vitamin A, which is really good for eyes.
Radish : That's great!
(And they keep on chatting)
(Later they are caught sitting near the sink, and are put into the salad).
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