Human lifestyle is responsible for extension of desserts because human practices for modernization are continuously increasing due to which it is also converting environment according to its needs and aspirations. like to make buildings, to set up factories, to make colonies, to provide various types of raw materials to the factories.
they are cutting down trees.
they are clearing forests to set up factories.
they are cutting down trees for various products like
wooden shoes,
wood for burning,
wood for making furniture for houses like
.windows. etc.
for so basically they are doing deforestation due to which dessert areas are increasing.
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Human lifestyle is important for the extension of deserts by :-

1. For the sake of human development , men are destroying its nature like deserts , forests , etc.

2. For the need of crude oil for vehicles
men is drilling in the desert is being carried since many years.

3.there are many water sources like water oases which is needed for growing crops.

4. the sand and stones are used for construction of building and factories
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