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Dialogues between two food items :- I m taking potato & Tomato :-

Potato :- Hi tomi , Whts up ?

Tomato :- Hey yr , nthing I am very worried today

Potato :- Hoo.. ? y wt happen ?

Tomato :- Todayi m going to serve in dinner , :( , i'll be no more , They will eat me

Potato :- Bro same is happening wid me :( , I don't knw how many days i'll remain unnoticed :P

Tomato :- Ohhh.... lucky u r :P ,

Potato :- Yeah , than u :P i have 1 more day :P

Tomato :- U will be also there soon :p don't worry , Sorry gotta go , Pressure cooker is calling me :P

Potato :- Okay buddy , you can go ,, RIP :P
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