Essay on Dussehra Festival

Introduction- The Raksha Bandhan is the festival of Brahmins chiefly as so Dussehra is the festival of Kshattriyas. But we can't bound it to some people only so we can say that all Hindus see these festivals with great joy and enthusiasm.

Origin and Time - Dussehra which comes is the month of Kuar. In ancient times kings and rulers marched out of their kingdoms and also after rainy season to conquer new areas.
The significance of this day is Goddess Durga killed a demon on this day. So, this festival is seen in Her honour.

Celebration - People think that any work which is started in this day will bring good luck. As I said about Kshattriyas above they take out their swords or guns and clean them following with worshipping them. Betels are offered to visitors on thia day as in evening people go to visit friends and relatives.

On this special occasion how can girls be behind ? They sow barley seeds in open pots of full earth before the festival. Plants grow to some height and girls pick them and put it on the ears of their brothers and they get return gift from their brothers.

Decorations starts as this festival comes . And the most important role play is of sweet shops so sweet shops get full with new sweets. Same goes with toy sellers. The merchants and traders worship their Bahis and open fresh account for this day.

Ram Lila - For this occasion the main important and interesting is about Ram Lila festival. In this the life story of Ram is shown full which is staged for many days.

Everyday in evening Jhankis are taken out. Death of Ravana is celebrated on this day. They make a huge Ravana with bamboo and paper as Ravana fights with Rama and Laxman. On this day he was killed and burnt.
This is a great scene and many people come to see it and this great Joy everywhere.

Conclusion - Children's were very happy. All saw Ram Lila for ten days with great interest . The story of Rama gives many meaningful thongs to learn and inculcate in our life.

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