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STORY: Based on the murder of model Jessica Lall (1999) in an uptown eatery in Delhi and her sister, Sabrina Lall's fight for justice, the film showcases contemporary India as it is. The mockery of the legal procedure, the loopholes in the policing system, the corruption in the power circles, the vulnerability of the common Indian: Sabrina's ( Vidya Balan) struggle -- powered by the feisty journalist, Meera Gaity's dogged investigation and the people's crusade -- brings life to newspaper headlines that still haven't been forgotten.MOVIE REVIEW: No One Killed Jessica ) is a film that unleashes a myriad emotions in you. The hard facts of modern India's most written about case are well known by almost everybody but the director Rajkumar Gupta's (he'd already displayed his talent in Aamir) dramatic handling of the crime, the criminals, the crusaders and the victim creates a storm, once again.DID I HELP?
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