Deforestation is increasing as a global concern. In recent years deforestation has risen to dangerous levels. This reason is mainly due to the fact that most people have no idea what deforestation is. This lack of education has caused many changes in the global economy. The concerns no longer center on deforestation but in the effects it will have in our environment in the future. This issue has sparked national attention. It has caused a chain of recent plans and policies to be introduced. Also it has brought us together as a nation to fight a common problem. Deforestation is the clearing the land of forest or trees. Many people do not even know that this problem exists, although it may be occurring right in their own neighborhoods. The causes of deforestation are broad. It used to be thought that the lumber industry was much to blame, when in fact the industry is very low. Most of the land was used for various other reasons such as building and agricultural expansion. The land is used for growing crops and livestock grazing. In many cases the ¡§Slash and Burn¡¨ method is used. This is where the farmers cut down and burn forests to get to the land that is feasible for farming. Most of the tropical soils are very poor in nutrients and can only support crops for a few years. When the soil has been exhausted it is either abandoned or turned over for livestock grazing. The effects of deforestation on the environment are numerous. The reduction of forests upsets the entire ecological cycle. The forests are home to a number of plants and animals. When a forest is cut down, the whole cycle suffers. Most of all the forests act as a carbon ¡§sink¡¨. That is they help to take in carbon, a green house gas, and offset its effect on the atmosphere