The first person to take action against any sort of crime that has taken place.
1. Writes FIR
2. Records the evidences and statements of witnesses
3. Meets the accused persons
4. Form an opinion, on the basis of the investigation. Then arrest the Fiesta Fans
5. File a charge sheet in the court, if the police thinks the evidences point towards the accused person's guilt.
Public Prosecutor 
Public Prosecutor is the person who fights a case on behalf of the State (who represents the interest of the State).
1. Fights a case
2. Presents full and material facts, witnesses and evidences before the court.
Defense Lawyer
The lawyer who fights the case on behalf of the accused person. He/She sees to it that the accused is released with his dignity or his/her punishment is lessened.
1. Defends the accused
2. Cross-examines the witnesses
3. Present witnesses in the accused defense
The person who decides the cases in law court
1. Conducts a fair trial in an open court impartially
2. Hears all the witnesses any every evidences presented by the prosecution and the defense
3. Decides whether the accused is guilty or innocent on the basis of the evidences and witnesses presented in the court, in accordance with the law
4. If the accused is convicted, the judge pronounces the sentence
5. Judge may send the guilty to jail, or impose a fine, or both, depending on what the law prescribes.