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                                                                                          house number 131/132,
                                                                                          vamp street,
                                                                                         Tylor colony,
dear Jacob,
                                     I am fine and hope the same from you. I am writing this letter to say you about the swacch bharat .
                                  we follow swacch bharat in our country. it was called up on 2nd October of 2014. it was called up on by our prime minister he called this program up on because in our country our prime minister wanted a clean India so this program was started. in this program people are self involved and they clean all the roads in their locality and make them clean. their is a proverb called as "cleanliness is next to godliness". it says that if we are clean our surrounding are also tend to be clean so we wanted to make our country clean so. this program is heled in our country. this is followed by all the states in India so that India would be clean and green.

                          hope so you would write a reply to me as fast as possible and convey my regard to aunt and uncle.
                                                                                               yours lovingly,

house number 1-78/79,
Knoxville street,
united states.

hope so my answer is useful and helpful

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