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Adventures are amazing things. It's basically you exploring places. Places that are extraordinary and mysterious. It could be a jungle, a savannah, climbing up a mountain or even getting lost in a huge city. Just picture yourself doing it. Adventures aren't staying in a five star hotel. It isn't about eating the most expensive and delicious food. It is about trying random things. Adventures don't have a storyline. You decide it on your own. You accept the environment and circumstances. It's all about being brave and adventurous. Leaving a mark in your life that you'll never forget. :D 
An adventure is an exciting or unusual is usually risky undertaking with an uncertain outcome. adventuring is fun and exciting as an end in itself .i had also enjoyed and experienced adventures like rockclimbing,river rafting matyers not so much what you choose rockclimbing,river rafting,scubadiving,sking etc or the level at which you do it . its even valuable as a means to an end "don't be afraid your life will end,be afraid it never begin".