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Agriculture as a resource to help farmers, conservationists, entrepreneurs, researchers, and rural and urban community groups to take advantage of federal programs that can help move the ball forward toward a more sustainable future.
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this project report has been prepared as per requirement of the syllabus of ________ course structure under which the student required to undertake project.

it was first experience for us and which was really a great experience for us .during the period we had some touching moments and experience something different. 

now i take the opportunity to present this project report and hoping also that it will be knowledgeable for everyone. hope you also experience what we experience during the researching time.

according to our observation we find :- 

what is agriculture ??

Agriculture is a art as well as science in which 
growing plants and other crops and the raising of animals for food, other human needs, or economic gain .

- agriculture is an activity which helps farmers in a huge amount before independence 75% of population of india depends on agriculture.  

- according to our research now a days 30% of population depends on agriculture so it's a very huge difference before independence and after independence. 

- To make research foreword our project is based on agriculture.

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