Trigonometry is a branch of Mathematics which deals with the study of Right Triangle specially.To understand Trigonometry you first have to understand the meaning of this word trigonometry.
"Tri" means three (3) and "gono" means plane closed figure and metry means the measurements and analysis.
Or in the other words Trigonometry means the study of the plane closed figure of three sides and the three angles and one of the angles is 90 degree the measurements of the angle and the measurements of the sides ,their ratios and the different relationships existing between them.
It has to be strictly known that one of the angle should be 90 degree and the other two angles can be of any magnitudes.
There  are the three sides in a right triangle and there names are Height , Hypotenuse and the Base.
height as the name suggests that Height is the vertical side of the triangle
and the base is the horizontal side of the triangle just as same as the X and Y axis of the graph. And the Hypotenuse is the slant line or side which joins the ends of the base and the height.
sin θ is the ratio of the length of the Height to the Hypotenuse and cos θ is the ratio of the length Base to the Hypotenuse and tanθ is the ratio of the Height to the base and cosec θ, sec θ and cot θ are the reciprocals of the given above respectively.
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Here the ratio between the Height and the Hypotenuse when the angle is 30° is 0.5 or 1/2.
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